Gadget survey results - a big surprise!

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Gadget survey results - a big surprise!

Post by SimonAus » Sun Mar 25, 2007 11:41 am

Since there are keen photographers among us I thought you might be interested in the very surprising results from an international gadget survey conducted late in 2006.

Stuff magazine ran a survey asking respondents to name the most iconic gadget of all time. Before you read on, think of what gadgets come to you mind that you'd expect to be on the list. When you see the highest ranking gadget, you'll be surprised.

The results were - the number one most recognised gadget of ALL time was....
the Leica M3 camera;
this was followed by:
the Sony Walkman, and then
the Apple iPod.

Now for those who have never seen an M3 let alone had the inspiring pleasure of using one, here is a link: ... ~mainFrame

The M3 was the modern beginning of Leica's legacy as the finest manufacturer of 25mm camera lenses and rangefinder cameras. Launched in 1954 the M3's later iterations were few and far between and today's M7, MP and MP3 (not to ignore the M8 digital version) have very few differences to the M3. Well maintained M3s fetch not much less than 50% of a new M7 or MP. In fact today's MP is about 80% the same as the M3.

Why was it called the M3? M is the first letter of the German word for rangefinder; 3 represented the number of lens framelines visible in the viewfinder.

Interestingly, historians say that a remarkably high % of M3 cameras are still in existence today - in everyday use or in collections (and many thousands of them were made). If you wonder why there would be such a fuss over the M3 and every other M model, just ask Stuart (the first iteration of the M6 has a similar cult following).

Finally, amusingly the M3's successor was called the M2! :D

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